Mount Sequoyah | FAQS
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Who is welcome at Mount Sequoyah?

Mount Sequoyah is an independent non-profit that aims to strengthen our community through providing the space, services and environment that foster the realization of your mission. We are committed to equitable treatment of anyone on our campus, and respect for diverse experiences and traditions; in this way, we hope to all learn and grow. Whether here for a camp, corporate or religious training, family reunion, or simply to experience a moment of peace, at Mount Sequoyah, we welcome all who strive to improve our world.

How much does it cost to host an event at Mount Sequoyah?

Total costs for hosting an event vary greatly depending on the size of your group, when you are staying, and how much space you need. Here is some basic information:

  • Hotel Style Rooms: $90/room/night
  • Two Bedroom House: $200/night
  • Three Bedroom House: $270/night
  • Dormitory Style Rooms: $60/room/night
  • Millar Bunk House: $25/person/night
  • Meeting spaces start at $100 for a classroom all the way up to $1000 for our Bailey Center. Full day and half day rates are available for all meeting spaces.
  • Wedding Package information can be found in the wedding section of the website.

Do the gates ever close?


What do I need to bring?

Mount Sequoyah provides all towels, sheets, pillows, blankets, and soap. You should bring your own shampoo though. We have a limited number of hair dryers, irons, ironing boards, and a few other necessary items. If you need something, just ask, and we will help in any way we can.

Do rooms have microwaves and fridges?

None of our cottage rooms have these items, but there are a few on campus that can be reserved if available. All of our houses have full-sized refrigerators and microwaves in them.

Will my room have heat/AC/wifi?

Yes to all!

Do you allow alcohol?

Yes, alcohol is allowed on site for events, but event insurance must be purchased and proof of this insurance must be provided prior to your event.

Who can use the pool?

All guests of Mount Sequoyah has access to the pool at no charge. If you are staying on campus with a large grup, please arrange a time to use the pool with the main office. Community members may purchase memberships to the pool on a monthly basis. Guest and members must check the pool schedule before planning to swim at the pool. There are swim teams, lessons, camps, and parties that also use the pool.


Address: 150 N Skyline Drive3, Fayetteville, AR 72701

The address listed above is for the entire 32 acres of Mount Sequoyah. To get to the main office, drive through the main gates of Mount Sequoyah and look for the Dining Hall up the hill. The office is directly across the street from the Dining Hall.

There are 3 entrances to Mount Sequoyah, so it is possible to enter through one of these and get turned around. Don’t hesitate to call the office for help navigating your way to the main office. Also, don’t be afraid to enter through the main gate – they should always be open!

**If you are arriving in a charter or school bus, please do not take Dogwood to get to Mount Sequoyah. We have had buses get stuck on this residential road. Please make sure you are taking Assembly or Maple from Mission/45.


During large events, parking can be tight. Please use designated spots first and grass areas last.

What are food options?

Try our Dining Hall! Chef Curt cooks wonderful food for groups of all kinds. You need to schedule meals in advance at this time, but individuals may drop in if there happens to be a meal on the calendar – but please call first!

Pricing: Breakfast ($9), Lunch ($10.50), Dinner ($14.50)

Meals are typically served buffet style and include entrée, sides, salad bar, dessert, and drinks. Chef Curt can accommodate food allergies and restrictions.