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Lodging & EVENTS!

Houses, Historic Halls, and Meeting Spaces


Summer Camps, Retreats and Educational Classes




The pool at Mount Sequoyah is perfect for swimmers of any age! Guests staying at Mount Sequoyah will be able to use the pool as soon as a safety waiver is signed. If you are not a guest at Mount Sequoyah, the following membership options are available. Mount Sequoyah has our very own swim team – the Mount Sequoyah Marlins – who practice every week in the summer. The AquaHawgs swim team, their SwimFit program, swim lessons, and other organizations utilize the Mount Sequoyah pool in addition to members and guests. Pool hours must be shared between teams, organizations, guests, and members.



The Mount Sequoyah Tennis Academy is a program of Mount Sequoyah Center. Our goal is to promote the game of tennis in the Northwest Arkansas community. All group lessons utilize a punch card system; patrons may purchase group lessons in blocks of 6. Lessons are only used when the player attends lessons; all punches roll over to the following season. MSTA currently has two coaches: Coach Josh Hedrick and Coach Andrew Atkinson. When the courts are not in use for lessons, they are open to the public on a first come first serve basis – we just ask that patrons using the courts are respectful and courteous to the facility and others.