Mount Sequoyah | A Note from the Executive Director
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A Note from the Executive Director

A Note from the Executive Director

One of the most exciting times for any organization is when its board and staff dream about what could be. Mount Sequoyah Center, Inc. is in the midst of one of these experiences. It started with the separation from the United Methodist Church in 2016 but went into high gear about five months ago when the board hired Velocity Group to help us develop a strategic plan for the new Mount Sequoyah. Daniel Hintz of the Velocity Group put a team together that included Will Collins of Archetype, Shay Hawkins and Audy Lack of Miller, Boskus, and Lack Architects, plus the Mount Sequoyah staff and board. Working together, we heard from the community, reflected on the history, and contemplated what is possible in the future.

We learned that the people of this community love this place; we heard about ideas of how we can be a vital force in northwest Arkansas and beyond; we dreamed about ways we can use this property as a place for growth, renewal, connection and more. In the end, Daniel and his team put together a “strategic action” report that will help guide us for years. That document is a living report that can help guide the board and staff and is set up in six phases. Phase 1 is already well in motion with new ways to do more with our mission here on the Mountain: we will be renting spaces to artists and nonprofits and a new art residency program is getting off the ground, among other items. We have accepted a new mission statement and are working on branding as I write this. It is truly a time of change and growth.

At our October, meeting the directors will be looking carefully at the future phases. Working with the staff, they will set in motion the actions that, we believe, will make Mount Sequoyah on of the most exciting places in northwest Arkansas. You can be a part of that. Come visit. Ask us about the plan. Join the Friends of Mount Sequoyah. We welcome you.

Check out for more info on the future of the Mountain.

Thank you for your support and love for this place.

Jess Schload, Executive Director