Mount Sequoyah | An Evening on the Mountain
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An Evening on the Mountain

An Evening on the Mountain

I really enjoy talking walks on the Mount Sequoyah property. One recent evening the weather was outstanding, so about 7:30 I went for a stroll. It was a great walk, not only due to the weather and beautiful sunset, but also because of what I experienced. As I walked around Cottage Circle, there were people sitting on the porches of the cottages laughing, talking and even playing games. It felt alive. As I approached Millar, I could hear active conversation and music, as an extended family and friends celebrated a graduation inside.

My next stop was the cross overlook. I always enjoy seeing the folks there, and I sometimes talk with a few of them. On this evening there must have been 10 or more cars parked, and mostly young adults sitting, talking, taking photos and just enjoying the sunset.

From there I went over towards the office and Parker.  Walking by Young a few of our Tyson guests were cooking on a grill and playing a bean bag toss game. Several young people were on the porch of Parker just enjoying each other’s company, deep in a conversation. Over on the Louisiana Plaza a wedding reception was taking place outdoors on this nice evening. It was easy to see the joy in the couple’s smiles. Their wedding, earlier in the day, was also an outdoor event.  They picked the right day!

As I circled around the pool and courts, there were college age men playing basketball, both tennis courts were being used and folks were also enjoying the pool.

That evening, there was not a corner of this property that was not being enjoyed by someone. It warmed my heart to see this place active, alive. Mount Sequoyah Center is doing just fine. People love being here and we are welcoming more all the time. Plus, there is something special about this place that seems to bring out the best in those who visit. During that walk I saw joy, smiles, and heard laughter. I felt proud to be a part of such a special place. Thanks for your part in helping make this a place where joy, growth, connection, and so much more happens. Come visit and see it for yourself.