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Mount Sequoyah

More than a gym, CLUBHAUS FITNESS is a COMMUNITY of people that inspire, motivate, and support one another.

Trust Us

We are the experience that fits.

Located at the top of scenic Mount Sequoyah in the Mount Sequoyah Center, the Fayetteville location is a unique full-service fitness center in a beautiful, serene campus setting. We offer over 50 group exercise classes a week including Les Mills RPM™, yoga, Pilates Reformer classes and our signature BRICKHAUS strength and conditioning class.

Group fitness classes are all included in your membership. Clubhaus Fitness is a community of fun people who enjoy a happy, healthy lifestyle. We offer upscale amenities, a beautiful environment, top notch personal trainers, and dynamic instructors. We are fitness for everyone. We are the experience that fits.

Fitness For Everyone

Why CLUBHAUS Fitness

WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO? Exercise isn’t just about how it makes you look, it’s about how it makes you feel. At CLUBHAUS FITNESS, our purpose is to help our members take better care of themselves both physically and emotionally. In turn, they will take better care of their families and our community. We believe that a HEALTHIER COMMUNITY IS A STRONGER COMMUNITY.

HOW DO WE DO THIS? We EDUCATE our members through our classes and trainings. We SUPPORT our members by sharing in each others success. We INSPIRE our Members by pushing them further than they ever thought they could go. Finally, we build COMMUNITY around our members because we know how important it is to belong to something positive.

WHAT DO WE DO? We HELP our members make positive changes in their lives and we entertain our members because we know everyone could use a little more FUN in their life. Thank you for being a part of our CLUBHAUS COMMUNITY.

More Than A Gym

What Our Members Say