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Forest Therapy Walk

Celebrate 100 years at Mount Sequoyah and experience magic on the mountaintop with a Nature and Forest Therapy Walk. Join Certified Forest Therapy Guide, Emmie Brenzel, to experience this evidenced based holistic practice inspired by the Japanese health and wellness practice of “Forest Bathing” or Shinrin-Yoku. Research benefits include lowered stress levels, improved mood and sleep, elevated immune function, and enhanced creativity and cognition. Participants are guided in interactive activities to deepen their connection with nature through sensory experiences. There will be opportunities for listening, silence, observation, optional group sharing, and the walk concludes with a tea ceremony. This is an outdoor class with participants encouraged to dress for the weather, keeping in mind that temperatures can be cooler when moving slowly or seated. Please allow two hours for this mountaintop experience. This walk is limited to twelve participants, ages 15 and older.