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March Salve Making Workshop

Join us in learning the time-honored tradition of herbal extraction known as salve making. Salves are herbal extracts meant to be applied to the skin and are known to support a healthy healing response in the body. In this light-hearted and fun class, with local naturopath Jenny Dietzel, we will learn to make a simple salve from a single herb or a combination of herbs from a formula. We will also discuss and identify some local herbs that can be foraged or grown for salve making and talk about sourcing other supplies. Each participant will take home their own jar of freshly made herbal salve in either original or lavender.

Jenny Dietzel, N.H.D. was born in Fayetteville, Arkansas, and is an Osage Naturopath, Minister, and Author. She is passionate about teaching and sharing the herbal traditions of our past and present in classes, workshops, and videos. She also encourages a path of self-empowerment that allows a person to find what naturally works best for them to support a healthy body, mind, and spirit. You can visit her website,, to see her upcoming classes, schedule a private class or consultation, and learn about her other professional services.

This class is designed for adults. The $35 fee covers registration and materials.