Mount Sequoyah | Housekeeping Needs Your Help!
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Housekeeping Needs Your Help!


Housekeeping Needs Your Help!

Housekeeping-FundraiserHello, friends of Mount Sequoyah –

It’s that time of year when things are really bustling on the Mountain!

Please look at the picture on the left of the Mount Sequoyah Center housekeeping staff.  From left to right they are: Lucia, Vickie, Maria, and Becky. Among them, they have close to 30 years serving guests to the Mountain.  That is a long time.  Do you know what has been here longer?  The washer and dryer behind and next to them.  The set is 32 years old.

We love our housekeeping staff and don’t want to make their jobs harder than they already are.  These four women are responsible for cleaning the 42 buildings on campus.  This involves a lot; including changing, washing, and drying all sheets, blankets, quilts, shower curtains, and towels.

During a busy time, the current laundry system is running from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm.  They desperately need a new commercial washer and dryer. However, a new set is estimated to cost $12,500 and does not fit in the current budget.  This is where YOU come in!  You can make a contribution right now.

A new and upgraded dryer has a reverse feature that would eliminate the need to open the dryer and untangle sheets, saving time and money.  “Sheets would come out untangled, faster, and have fewer wrinkles when we put them on the shelves and then the beds”. – Becky Sylvester, director of housekeeping.

Will you consider making a gift?  A contribution will save Mount Sequoyah time and money.

You use a washer and dryer and you know how integral an efficient set is to daily life. Your support will help Becky, Vickie, Maria, and Lucia have a better day allowing them to focus their time and attention on creating a better Mountain experience for YOU and our other guests.

In a perfect world, Becky says, the old set would be used for towels and the new set for sheets and bed linens.  Please join me in making that dream come true.

You can make a gift by going to or by contacting Christina Karnatz, director of development, at or 479-443-4531.