Mount Sequoyah | “It is time to stand up!”
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“It is time to stand up!”

“It is time to stand up!”

Recently, Jess and I met in the office hallway, both of us were just stretching our legs. I try, anyway.  Like many, I am a frequent offender of just ignoring my smart watch when it vibrates and tells me to “stand up”.  But the reality is, the watch knows best!    

We have all heard it “sitting is the new smoking” and the Mayo Clinic agrees, citing studies that show increased blood pressure and high blood sugar in people who sit too much. It also says that 60 to 75 minutes of exercise every day can counteract the effects of all of that sitting.  

Here at Mount Sequoyah, we am lucky to have this 32 acre campus to walk around.  The Skyline loop around our campus is just under one mile gate to gate. Cooler temperatures are here! The fall leaves are beginning to drop and soon, the remaining will turn to beautiful shades.  Our groundsman, Faustino, keeps the drives and the sidewalks clear.

We invite you to spend your working lunches on the Mountain.  Bring your lunch, enjoy it on a bench or picnic table, then take a quick walk around Mount Sequoyah before returning to your desk.  Your body and mind will thank you!

Yours for the Mountain –