Mount Sequoyah | Mount Sequoyah, a newcomer’s perspective
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Mount Sequoyah, a newcomer’s perspective

22 Feb Mount Sequoyah, a newcomer’s perspective

I am the newest staff member of Mount Sequoyah Center, Inc. My role as director of development started December 4, 2017. But I am hardly a newcomer at all.

Born and raised in Fayetteville, I have always known that Mount Sequoyah was more than just a clump of buildings. Unfortunately though, I didn’t know what the “more” was. I do now…

Mount Sequoyah is:

A quiet place to get back to yourself.


A spot to get to know the people who surround you in serene surroundings.

Dedicated and caring staff. Collectively, they’ve been here 95 years.

An alternative to your typical motel.

Tailored activities.

Children laughing, playing, learning, experiencing.

The highest point in Fayetteville, in more ways than one.

Our past.

Our future.

An integral part to the story of Fayetteville.

A story all its own.

Love stories.

Strong roots in the Methodist Church.

Openness and acceptance.

Maple trees, red brick, deer.

A great view of downtown Fayetteville.

Support to all organizations, particularly those doing good in the community.

History in the making.

At first look, Mount Sequoyah Center IS just a clump of buildings; some are older than others, some have more charm, but they all have stories and each holds a memory for someone. As I drive up the mountain road that curves past our neighbors’ homes each morning, I consider myself lucky to be a part of this place and this community.