Mount Sequoyah | Dining Hall
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Dining Hall

Dining, Venues

The Galloway Dining Hall features the cuisine of Head Chef Curt Harcourt.  It is an excellent venue to gather and enjoy food cooked and served by Mount Sequoyah. Up to 240 guests can be seated in the dining hall, Chef Curt can accommodate a variety of food allergies and dietary restrictions. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all available. Meals are typically served buffet style, but plated and family style meals can be arranged. Please contact the Mount Sequoyah Office for pricing and menu options at

– Breakfast $9.00/person + tax
– Lunch: $10.50/person + tax
– Dinner: $14.50/person + tax

* Meals are typically served buffet style and include entrees, sides, dessert, and drinks. Food allergies and restrictions can be accommodated by our chef including vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, and more.

* Our chef can plan for any event, so let us know what you want for your event. Chef Curt can do weddings, appetizers, dessert bar, etc.