Mount Sequoyah | Sequoyah Smartathon
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Sequoyah Smartathon

Sequoyah Smartathon

The second annual Sequoyah Smartathon will take place Tuesday November 13, 2018 at Bailey Center on the Mount Sequoyah campus.

Smartathon is a family friendly trivia night complete with food, beer & wine, silent auction, and fun!  Our trivia master will once again be the Honorable John Threet.  Put your team together and start studying  for categories such as television, music, construction, geography, and more! The winning team will receive a special gift from Mount Sequoyah.

All proceeds from the Smartathon will benefit the restoration and revitalization efforts of Mount Sequoyah Center, Inc. a 501(c)3 organization.  In 2016, Mount Sequoyah became an independent and secular non-profit.  To sponsor the event, buy a table or tickets:

Sequoyah Smartathon 2018


Complimentary childcare with Camp Sequoyah counselors is available.  Email to secure your spot!

Thank you to our sponsors!