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What does Spring Break look like for your family?

March in Arkansas is always a mixed bag. It could be snowing, cold, or dreary, or it could be sunny and in the seventies. Many families take the opportunity to travel or just spend some quality time at home. For others, the third week in March is just another fairly normal work week, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be a normal week for your kids.

If your family does not have vacation plans over Spring Break, make sure your kids are busy doing something and having fun. We have daily or a full week kids programming options, but don’t wait too long to sign up – space is limited! Lunch is provided in camp registration, and Chef Justus will be cooking up some delicious food for campers. Each day of camp has a different theme with different activities planned for the children.  Your kids will have fun while getting great care from our experienced counselors!

Monday, March 18

Science & Tech

Campers will get to learn about physics and motion with activities including Hot Wheels racing and other ramp rolling challenges, a marble run making activity, and balloon and straw rockets. In the afternoon, we plan to have a giant maze drawn out for campers to complete as well as line tag and other fun free time activities.

Tuesday, March 19


Campers will get to participate in fun fitness related activities led by the Spark Foundation (, make their own medals while learning about achievement, and play some dodge ball and maybe a few other sports. We will also play a fun camp game called East vs. West in addition to having a variety of free play activities.

Wednesday, March 20

Arts & Crafts

Campers will get to decorate their own pots for planting flowers, participate in a collective mosaic mural activity, and an activity centered on the power of positive words and encouragement on our minds and bodies. The Community Creative Center will be here in the afternoon leading a pottery activity for the kids (campers will not get to take home their potter creations until they have been fired and cooled at the CCC – I will send out emails when they are ready for pick up at Mount Sequoyah).

Thursday, March 21

Active Outdoors

The Spark Foundation will be back to lead fun fitness activities for our campers. The kids will also get to learn about tracking and observing signs of animals in nature, and they will be dissecting owl pellets. In the afternoon there will be a game of Sequoyah Capture the Flag and an optional hike.

Friday, March 22


Campers will get to learn about code making and breaking, invisible ink and perception, and making their own spy kits. In the afternoon, campers will get to participate in a fun scavenger hunt that puts their new detective skills to the test. There will also be plenty of free time and free play activities as well.