Mount Sequoyah | The pool at Mount Sequoyah Center, Inc. is now OPEN!!!
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The pool at Mount Sequoyah Center, Inc. is now OPEN!!!

The pool at Mount Sequoyah Center, Inc. is now OPEN!!!


Even though Fayetteville Public Schools’ last day isn’t until May 24, Memorial Day takes place May 28, and the first official day of summer isn’t until June 21, the pool is ready for YOU right now!

Our maintenance staff, mainly John Eggestein, has been working hard to make sure the water is safe and ready for swimming.

Emily Gentry, director of programs, has spent countless hours arranging an optimum schedule that allows for camps, Boy Scouts of America, Marlins Swim Team, AquaHawgs swimming lessons, and OUR members to all have ample time in the water.

If you have swum here in the past, you might notice some changes to the schedule.  The adjustments are to make for a safer and more enjoyable time for all!

After a frightening incident last summer, the Mount Sequoyah staff and board decided a lifeguard should be present ANY time swimmers are in the water.  Don’t worry, last year’s swimmer is doing just fine and ready to swim again this year!

Having a lifeguard on duty at ALL times does limit open swim time a bit, but it also ensures that everyone remain safe and able to enjoy their time in the water.  Furthermore, the gate will be monitored so that non-paying guests will not be able to access the pool.  This means more freedom and space for our paying members.

We are excited to partner with Razorback Aquatic Club AquaHawgs again this year to offer swimming lessons.  Check out the schedule here.

The 2018 Mount Sequoyah Pool Schedule can be found here.

Stay tuned to our Facebook page for daily pool updates! We will do our best to stick to the published schedule, but rain and sickness do happen.

There are so many benefits to sun and swimming!  It is great nonimpact exercise for both young and old alike.  Vitamin D from the sun improves mood and fights disease.  But don’t worry, there is plenty of shade at the pool and we always encourage using sunscreen.

We are looking forward to a wonderful summer with YOU!