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Mount Sequoyah has provided visitors with a truly unique space to celebrate and connect with people, land, and spirit since 1922. We look forward to seeing this special property into a new era of vitality and sustainability—mindful of its history, land and nearly a century of memories made—so we can remain a vital resource for the community.

Our concept is unique.

We are a living and breathing member of our community.

We are many things to many people. We are both tranquil retreat and community hub. We are both urban park and resort. We are both secular and spiritual. For us, these do not represent opposing experiences, but like a true and complete neighborhood, intersections of exchange. This symbiotic relationship is and will be multi-faceted and diverse, vibrant and vital for generations to come. We are dedicated to helping it thrive.

Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

In 2016, Mount Sequoyah Center, Inc. became an independent and secular nonprofit organization. It is no longer affiliated with the United Methodist Church, or any other church or religious body. While the church is where our history lies, and we honor our history, we have a new mission and vision for this special place.

"Mount Sequoyah is a welcoming space to celebrate and connect with people, land, and spirit."

This is more than just a mission statement. It is who we are and what we believe. This mountain top has been here for centuries, well beyond this organization's time here. Before Mount Sequoyah was Mount Sequoyah, all were free to roam without boundaries or gates. It is those roots that we want to bring forward.

We acknowledge and honor the fundamental value and dignity of all individuals. We pledge ourselves to creating and maintaining an environment that respects diverse traditions and experiences. This includes embracing all races, gender identities, religions, sexual orientations, disabilities, national origins, and ages. We are committed to equitable treatment and the prevention of discrimination throughout our organization, our programs, the campus, and community.

Consider Mount Sequoyah, or the top of the mountain, reflective of a great neighbor: a community-facing and welcoming front porch, a convivial dining table to gather and entertain, and a backyard to escape and relax. A range of experiences that all work together very naturally to create a home.