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A wedding at Mount Sequoyah can be anything you want it to be.

The outdoor rock altar provides a natural look backdrop for nuptials.  It can be decorated with anything or nothing at all, as English ivy winds its way up.  For a romantic feel, lights can be strung on the trees that surround the outdoor venue. Called the Chapel at Vesper Point, it has pew style seating for up to 350 guests. The nearby Outlook Lawn can be tented to host the reception right where you wed.  The view of downtown Fayetteville is fantastic!

Photo by Dogwood Collective

For a more traditional ceremony, there is the indoor Martin Chapel.  This is also offered as a weather back up for couples who reserve Vesper Point.  Stained glass windows line the walls and wooden planks ordain the ceiling. The venue is smaller and will seat 140 in chairs.  

For a vintage feel, the mid-century modern building Cokesbury is a great choice for a reception.   Or a wedding, for that matter. It allows your party to be both indoor and outdoor because of the adjacent patio.

Photo by Striegler Photography

If you are looking for a different era of vintage, Wesley Hall Parlor or Parker Hall might fit the bill.  Both were built in the 1920s, with one a bit more rustic, the other, classic. Each has a charm that is perfect for a seated reception.  

We consider our pricing to be budget friendly.  Venue rental includes table and chairs, setup, and basic AV equipment.  The bridal party can have access to a full sized house to get ready in, for the night before the wedding, and the wedding night.

Photo by Striegler Photography  

Mount Sequoyah Center has everything needed for a wedding.  Think of how nice it will be to have a weekend-long celebration and never have to leave the Mountain!  We have places to stay and catering too, look for upcoming posts on those topics.